Re: Beagle Newsletter #4 - 29 November 2004

|The core Beagle hackers met on the phone a couple of weeks ago and put
|together a list of features and issues that we want to have
|implemented for a first "working release." This release has been named
|milestone 1.
|Each of the tasks that is part of milestone 1 has been created as a
|bugzilla bug in

i have  few questions

*) IM conversation browser
   Is there any active plan about the design of such browser?
   Wouldn't be enough to popup a new window with a geck webcontrol
   showing the conversation?

   How should this browser be designed ?

   What porting the conversation browser of gaim with mono?

*) Gaim snapshots

   what does it mean exactly?
   do you want to show the contact avatar on the left side (tile) ?

*) Try a tabbed view for Best results

   .. do you mean: add a  "Show More Results on another tab" button?
   .. or: "Find in another tab"?

Tnx, and .. excuse my poor english :(

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