Re: Beagle/Best on Ubuntu - experiences

|I compiled Beagle as per the instructsion on, and I think 
|it looks great - kudos to the developers. 

Hi Victor ..
i also tried to follow those istruction with beagle (from 0.0.2 to
The only way to get beagle works with ubuntu 1.4.10 is to install
the latest version of gtk-sharp, gecko-sharp, evolution-sharp, dbus-sharp 
from theire cvs/svn repository.

|2. Should 'beagled' be run as root, or as your normal user? 

no, there is no need ..
just chmod a+rw /dev/inotify and beagle doesn't need
to be started from root

|At first, I 
|assumed user, but this doesn't seem to work very well. When you attempt 
|to run it as user (commandline: beagled --fg --out), it spits out 
|messages like the following
|WARN: Couldn't set extended attribute on /home/victorhooi
|and then repeats this for every file/folder eg
|WARN: Couldn't set extended attribute on 
|along with some error messages

.. take a look at the owner of ~/.beagle 

|/home/victorhooi/web_photo_gallery/original: Permission denied

yes, looks at the ownership

|When I run it as root, with sudo beagled --fg --out, it appears to work 
|fine, outputing lines like
|INFO: Crawling 
|without any WARN lines.

yes, that's an ownership/permission issue

|9. What packages are necessary to run Beagle/Best? Following the 
|instructions on the ubuntuwiki, I installed a gargantum moutain of 
|packages which managed to reduce my freespace from 800 Mb down to 300 MB 
|(also compiling other stuff as well). Well, using synaptic I removed a 
|whole slew of packages, and Best now complains about some gecko-sharp 
|Well, that's it...

that wiki is a little old, grab all those needed *-sharp
from its cvs/svn repository, edit your $PKG_CONFIG_PATH and goes
to rebuild beagle ..

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