A useful hack for someone


We'd like to install the firefox extension as a part of "make install",
but there isn't any easy way to do this per-user currently.

A good hack for someone who wants to get started in C# would be to write
a utility which does the following:

        * Parses the .mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini and finds which
        profile is the default.
        * Takes the install.rdf file and merges it into
        the .mozilla/firefox/<profile>/extensions/Extensions.rdf.  It's
        not just a cat job because there are XML-type bits in there, so
        you can learn the XML APIs.
        * Copies the data into the extensions directory.  It's probably
        as simple as creating the GUID dir under extensions, sticking
        install.rdf in there, and sticking beagle.jar into a chrome
        subdir as well.  Some tweaking might be necessary here.


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