updated inotify kernels

Updated inotify kernels, 2.6.8-7.inotify.4, are available here:


For SUSE 9.1, SUSE 9.2, NLD, and SLES9.

Patches for those not fortunate enough to experience the fury of SUSE:


The main thing is the addition of world readable and root writable sysfs
files for configuring inotify's limits:

/sys/class/misc/inotify/dev  :  The device major and minor numbers.
Read only.

/sys/class/misc/inotify/max_queued_events  :  The maximum number of
events that can be queued on a given inotify device.  This maximum is
enforced statically at device creation, it is not retroactively applied
to already open devices.  The default is 512.  Beagle probably needs
something higher.

/sys/class/misc/inotify/max_user_devices  :  The maximum number of
devices that a given user can open.  The default is 64.  This is
sufficient for Beagle.

/sys/class/misc/inotify/max_user_watches  :  The maximum number of
watches that a given user can create.  Note that this is per-user, not
per-device, as we switched to entirely per-user limits.  The default is
16k.  Depending on the size of your home directory, you may want to make
this bigger.

Also new in this version is cleanups as noted by Linus's sparse utility,
final touches on the new per-user limit system, and some other misc.
cleanup and fixes.

Hugs and kisses,

	Robert Love

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