Re: beagled memory use

On Fri, 5 Nov 2004 13:41:12 -0600, Darryl <dvandorp gmail com> wrote:
> After having compiled a recent (this morning) cvs co of beagle,
> beagled is seeming to consume a fair amount of memory. Prior to today
> i've been running it pretty consistantly for extended periods of time
> (measured in days). Today it steadily climbed (slowly) until I killed
> it so I could continue to use my machine.
> Any idears?

Dunno -- yours has been running better than mine, then; once I start
beagled, memory consumption increases fairly quickly to the point that
the system constantly swaps and I have to kill beagled
(beagle-shutdown didn't do the trick until the last day or two; I pull
from CVS and recompile nightly). In the past, I could run beagled for
as long as an hour (!) but now I can't run it for much past 10-15
minutes (!!!)

Kyle Maxwell
[krmaxwell gmail com]

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