Re: Patch adding Amazon Search to beagle

On Sun, 2004-10-31 at 19:01 -0800, Jerome wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> I was planning on adding Wikipedia search but well this is my first time
> doing C# so I have tried something easier.
> This is a patch against today's CVS that will search Amazon
> (Books,Music,DVD) using Amazon Web Services. A subscription is needed,
> you can find more information at 
> Also the documentation of the API can be found at
> Regarding the subscription, someone should look at the licence and see
> if the same subscription key could be use for the whole project.
> Basically it is a rip off of GoogleSearch, just updated accordingly. 
> Thus you have to put your SubscriptionId in an environment variable
> Since I don't know anything about C# I am still missing a bunch of
> stuff:
> 	Did not figure out how to display the Cover Art as an Icon in Best.
> 	Did not figure out how to get the Editorial Review to be used for
> snippet.
> 	How is the score working (I was using SalesRank but the score are too
> high...)
> Hope this will be useful. If you have links to provide so I can learn C#
> I will take them.
> Keep on the good work on this great idea.
> Jerome "poitch" Poichet
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That is freaking cool. Thank you.
John Hornbeck

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