PATCH: gnome-games frontend/backend/renderer

Hi, I finally finished up some code to get dashboard to interact with
the gnome games.  Basically when a game window gets focus it sends a
cluepacket to dashboard and dashboard can pull up a listing of that
games high scores.  The frontend enables dashboard for the following
*  glines
*  gnibbles
*  gnobots2
*  gnome-stones
*  gnomine
*  gnotravex
*  mahjongg
*  same-gnome

You can get the patch for the dashboard backend and renderer at:

You can get the patch for gnome-games CVS at:

You can see a screenshot of it in action here (Sorry for the large file

Please get back to me with any of your thoughts or suggestions about
either of these patches.
Joe Gasiorek (slackr) <gasiorek yakko cs wmich edu>

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