Re: Long time, no post - ClueStick

On Sat, 2004-05-15 at 14:28 +1000, Wade mealing wrote:
>         - Search applet.  Something simple in the panel, like a small
>         entry widget with a little icon next to it (a magnifying glass!
>         genius!).  When you enter a search term, you could have a window
>         pop up with the results.  This could even be a slightly
>         stripped-down dashboard window, for starters.
> Just wrote a quick libegg app for the panel this morning. After reading
> nats post, it sends the clue to dashboard, not quite what he was after
> but a start (Sends clue to dashboard ), next step is to get it to start
> up dashboard if not running.
> I'm going to be thinking more about the search applet, in the next few
> days.. I'll report back with any information.

Hey Wade,

Sounds great.  I couldn't get your applet running though:

[nat gargantuan ClueStick-0.1]$ mono cluestick.exe


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