Pork Frontend

Pork is a command line based AIM client that behaves a lot like irssi. A 
pretty decent client, but no one's bothered with Dashboard support for 
it yet.

So, I hacked up some dashbaord support. It's got some limitations, all 
described in the header file, which I'll repeat here:

 Simple Pork script to send dashboard information
 Usage: Place in a directory, and after pork has started, type 
        /perl_load /location/of/file
 Requirements: Needs the Dashboard perl package, distributed with Dashboard
 Features: Sends aim_name clues based on aim name, as well as textblock clues
           of messages, both sent and recieved.
 Limitations: There is no way to determine focus from the perl hooks in
              pork. As such, all conversations send cluepackets for aim
              name and text. A patch to the actual pork code will likely be
              needed to add focus capability to dashboard packets.
 Written by Christopher Schmidt (crschmid uiuc edu), last modified 03-29-04

Script is attached.

Christopher Schmidt
crschmid uiuc edu

Attachment: pork-dashboard.pl
Description: Perl program

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