is it time for a modernized faq, howto, or just updated site?

Beagle and Dashboard are such a powerful combination. I really want to
see this project off its feet and integrated. I've been learning C#
mostly because I've wanted to be able to contribute to this project. 

So far in experimenting with Dashboard and Beagle on a gentoo system:

Dashboard doesn't all together work. It recieves clue packets from only
Rhythmbox and Muine as far as I can see, but it doesn't query them
automatically, just puts them in the query bar. 

Querying dashboard is fun. I like it a lot. For some reason it will
never query my aim logs though beagle indexes them and I can search them
with Best. Evolution-data-server and dashboard don't seem to like each
other much. I've used cvs versions of both, and the standard
breakmygnome distribution. Neither ever communicates with each other

Clue Graphs are finally working (again). This could be expanded on. It'd
be great if you could click on a (more attractive) box at any stage and
actually see the xml of the packet. 

Does gaim need a patch to send cluepackets? What about evolution?

Isn't it perhaps time there was a current page of dashboard? Listing
it's plans as well as the current state?

Thanks for the conversation hopefully,
d. Taylor Singletary,
reality technician

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