Re: Beagle Panel Applet

On Thu, 2004-07-29 at 21:54 -0700, Matt Jones wrote:
> Hi - 
> Here's the panel applet I've written for beagle. 
> Some problems/issues right now - 
>      -  I can't get the "Search" button to grab focus, so hitting Enter
> 	doesn't start the search. You have to click on it with the 
> 	mouse button.

There is a Entry signal for this. Activated or something maybe.

>      -  You can only launch one instance of the applet at a time 
> 	(i think this is a panelapplet# thing, but I'm not definite)

As the author of panelapplet#, I know for sure it isnt, that is
functionality I tested for sure.


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