Bonobo / C interface for beagle?

Hi -
I'm working on a panel applet to search with beagle, and I've stolen the
code from chooser-fu to run beagle queries in C. The only problem is the
code is highly dependent on the command line - it parses the standard
output of beagle-query (thanks go to the person who wrote the chooser-fu
I was wondering if there's any way to export the interfaces to beagle
from C# to C or create a bonobo interface to beagle, as this would make
writing an applet much easier (without libpanelapplet being wrapped in

Also, I'm curious why tools/Query.cs initializes itself as a GTK+ app -
isn't it command line only? I've commented out this line in my local
copy of beagle, but I was wondering if this was a typo or bug.

-- Matt Jones

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