Re: Google backend dangerous

I actually very much agree with this.

I don't think we can make unknowing users violate google's TOU, and
that's what will happen when users install dashboard and use googles
backend. None of them will care how it works and just use the defaults,
so the defaults should be legal in pretty much all countries (sanely
speaking then). Defaults should obey US pantents (even though most are
ridiculous), as well as european and asian laws.


Op do 29-01-2004, om 11:15 schreef Julian Satchell:
> I know the Google backend is not built by default, but I think it should
> be removed completely.
> It specifically violates their terms of use, and they are VERY
> aggressive about sending their legal teams in if they think the search
> engine is being accessed by anything other than a browser with real eyes
> looking at the ads. I've been there, and I would hate for anybody else
> to feel their wrath.
> If you want to do this sort of thing, the legal way is to get a token to
> use the SOAP webservice interface to Google, and use that. It is only
> for personal, research use, and commercial use is forbidden (so I can't
> use it for example).
> Julian
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