Proposed Changes To Results Engine

   I have spent some time this weekend playing around with some of the
   internals of dashboard to enable it to manipulate the results that are
   found by backends.
   The basic idea is that the backend results are re-grouped by category
   and given a rating.  Classes known as result elevators then adjust the
   rating of each result periodically depending on both internal (e.g.
   timer) and external (e.g. new cluepacket)events.  This allows for
   dashboard to display results from multiple cluepackets simultaneously,
   as well as allowing backends to provide their own ratings of the
   results that they return.
   The patch is at  It isn't a
   complete implementation yet, but does just-about work and I'd like to
   see if the comunity thinks that this is the rough direction in which we
   should be heading.  Comments very welcome.
Jim McDonald - Jim mcdee net

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