Re: backend-foaf and result sets

> Hi guys,
> I've just finished modifying backend-foaf to use ResultSets.
> I've also just started to add some smarts to BackendResults so
> they can be configured to display a result either as a row in
> a table, or a list.

I don't think that this fits in the idea of backendresults, it should go
somewhere else.
   My thinking would be that there would be a separate set of renderers
   that would render depending on the category of information returned. 
   So, for instance, bookmarks could be rendered in a particular way and
   address information in another.  This would be regardless of whether
   the bookmarks came from Epihphany or Galeon, and whether the address
   information came from Evolution or LDAP.
   Because of this there needs to be some part of dashboard that takes the
   resultsets generated by cluepackets and sorts them in to relevance to
   facilitate display, rather than anything else.  Of course, all of this
   is up for discussion, but I think that if there are disagreements on
   how this should look then there should be some discussion before we go
   ahead with the changes.  The GUI is going to be pretty fundamental to
   dashboard, and I'd like to see this thought through so that everyone is
   happy with the next release of it (well, as happy as can be, anyway).
Jim McDonald - Jim mcdee net

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