Epiphany/Dashboard integration

I noticed there was some discussion last night on #dashboard (Which I
missed unfortunately) about the epiphany frontend patch. I just though
I'd send a quick email to let everyone know where I got up to with
updating this.

The patch at:

is against latest release of epiphany extensions and will send URL/Title
clues to dashboard on page load.

In my mind the right actions for this frontend are:

- Send URL/Title on page load (Maybe also send content of
- Send URL/Title/Whole page content on bookmark of page (With increased

Unfortunately making these changes will probably need some input from
the epiphany guys, or someone who has the time to dig in the
mozilla/epiphany internals so that epiphany provides functions to 

- Get HEAD contents (Not sure this is even possible)
- Get full page contents (The original patch doesn't work against
epiphany 1.1.x)

Once we have these it's fairly trivial to hook in sending of the content
[although if we want to trigger an action on adding a bookmark I haven't
checked the signals are available]

I'm happy to continue looking at this, however I can only really work on
it at weekends, so if someone else feels better qualified/has more time
feel free to pick it up. Otherwise I'll plough on and try and get there

PS. Christian et al. have been very helpful so far in getting this far
on #epiphany so thanks to them!
Lee Willis <lee leewillis co uk>

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