Re: Roadmap for the future.


Robb Beal, functional software designer, here!

I'd like to throw some ideas/comments into the mix.

Has the notion of the focused app supplying the context *presentation* been considered/discussed? I'm imagining a scenario where the Dashboard engine, acting more like a service, supplies the context data with the focused app integrally presenting the context as appropriate for its UI. (The focused app would still be able to delegate display to the Dashboard UI.)

Some arguments in favor of allowing the focused app to get first crack at context presentation:

- The focused app is less likely to present context that's duplicitous with its own. Dashboard has subtractive value when a user switches to it only to prominently see, for example, the same feed details as (a focused) Straw was showing.

- The focused app may be able to better prioritize the Dashboard engine context for presentation. Similarly, it may be able to better filter out context that's not appropriate.

- The focused app may itself have context that's not appropriate outside of the app, especially context that has associated behavior. Presenting this context and Dashboard engine supplied context integrally in the focused app is a much better experience than presenting them separately.

- The focused app will likely be providing the preference UI for when to ask Dashboard to display context, so it would not be surprising to the user for the focused app to present the context integrally. (I suspect every front end will won't to minimally provide a Dashboard opt-out preference.)

Consider the experience of someone with poor vision who must use a large font size. For textual content with fixed horizontal space, the number of words per line would be so small as to make something like an email excerpt unreadable. (To say nothing of the vertical space it would take up.) So, the horizontal space (ie, window width) needs to be a function of font size, preferably such that you'd have a constant number of words per line.

Another possibility is zooming (out) the Dashboard view to fit the window with some minimum zoom level that cannot be exceeded.

Exciting stuff! Glad to have the ability to contribute!


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