Re: Evolution Addressbook Backend

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 20:30, Matt Jones wrote:
> Hi -
> I have the Evolution Addressbook 2.0 backend compiling again, but I'm
> running into some problems with queries. No matter what I stick into the
> query (or what type of query I'm running), I get no contacts back. I'm
> using cvs HEAD (+ FullName support) of evolution# and evolution cvs from
> about a week ago (around the ninth, i think). I've attached the patches
> for both evolution sharp and EvolutionAddressbookBackend.cs in case
> anyone else wants to test out the code (I'm not definite that everything
> is finished yet - and the new code is very rough, still contains some
> debugging stuff).

I'll take a look at this, I haven't gotten the thing to work well for me

> Also, how should evolution# respond to attempts to set the FullName
> variable? Right now I just call SetProperty("full_name" ...), but this
> will probably return an error if its called. Should I just ignore this,
> or write code to parse the full name and split it into Given and Family
> names and then set those?

There *is* a full_name property on the EContact object.  Instead of
concatenating the given name and the family name, you should be able to
access that.


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