Re: Google backend

My comments, mostly stylistic:

> +               string google_api_key="INSERT DEVTAG HERE"; 

Use spaces around the assignment, ie:

        string google_api_key = "INSERT DEVTAG HERE";
> +                if (google_api_key == "INSERT DEVTAG HERE")
>                            return false;

Probably want to print something out to the Console so people notice
this and fix it.  We'll need to do something about this at some point...
not sure what.
> +                Match GoogleMatch = new Match("WebLink", clue);
> +                GoogleMatch ["title"] = gsr.resultElements[i].title;
> +                GoogleMatch ["url"] = gsr.resultElements[i].URL;
> +                GoogleMatch ["icon"] = "internal:bookmark.png";
> +                results.Add(GoogleMatch); 

Spaces are needed around the parentheses in method calls, and the square
brackets in indexers, ie:

	Function (args); 

	Array [index];


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