Python XChat2 Plugin

Just messed around with it a little, nothing majorly different.
The Help messages are a little clearer now, and clues of relevance 0 aren't sent

The full file can be found at or the patch from cvs is

Useful commands that when the plugin is loaded are:

/Cluepackets <on|off>
turns sending cluepackets on or off (on by default)

/ClueRelevance <nick|text (if omitted, applys to both)> <Focused|Unfocused> <(0-10)>
Changes the relevance of the cluepackets sent
Focused means the tab that is currently active, unfocused means when you go back to a tab (ie. Sends the last 20 or so clues again, normally at a reduced relevance)

/Set_clue_memory <int>
Changes the amount of clues sent when you give a tab focus, defaults to 20... there are currently issues with reducing this, mainly due to this being my first python project :)

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