Re: Firefox Beagle Search Bar...

I like this idea - you don't need a separate utility to connect to beagled - you can fire a browser and search information from Beagle daemon - very intuitive for users.

Google Desktop Beta seems to use this approach. When you do a Google desktop search, it opens a web browser that sends requests to a localhost http server at port 4664.
What are the concerns in having XSP running ?

>>> Fredrik Hedberg <fredrik hedberg avafan com> 12/14/04 7:34 PM >>>
If you're willing to have xsp running, it would be -very- easy using the
existing search bar in Firefox. Porting Best to behave like an ASP.NET
component would be pretty straight forward I think.


Krishnan R wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone looked at the possibility of having a 'Beagle Search Bar' on
> Firefox Web Browser and render the results
> onto the Web Browser Window.   Some kind of a mozilla extension/plugin
> on the Firefox browser.
> Thanks
> Krishnan
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