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On Fri, Aug 27, 2004 at 10:47:15AM -0700, d. Taylor Singletary wrote:
> Thanks for the reply.
> Alright, ran that and I got this error -- however DBUS is running.
> Current CVS build in fact. gnome-volume-manager uses it fine...
> Unhandled Exception: DBus.DBusException: Unable to determine the address
> of the message bus
> in <0x000bb> DBus.Bus:GetBus (DBus.Bus/BusType)
> in <0x0000f> DBus.Bus:GetSessionBus ()
> in [0x0000a] (at /var/tmp/portage/beagle-cvs-0.0.2/work/beagle-
> cvs/beagled/DBusisms.cs:39) Beagle.Daemon.DBusisms:get_Connection ()
> in [0x0000a] (at /var/tmp/portage/beagle-cvs-0.0.2/work/beagle-
> cvs/beagled/DBusisms.cs:48) Beagle.Daemon.DBusisms:get_Service ()
> in [0x00035] (at /var/tmp/portage/beagle-cvs-0.0.2/work/beagle-
> cvs/beagled/BeagleDaemon.cs:109) Beagle.Daemon.BeagleDaemon:Main (string
> [])
> Here's what I get from ps on DBus:
> /usr/bin/dbus-daemon-1 --system
> DDBus is running as user messagebus. Could running it as my current user
> help?

 I think you have to run your session bus, too. As far as I've figured,
the best way to do so is:

 1. run 'dbus-launch-1'

	% dbus-launch          

 2. export provided things (but without the quotes)

	% export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-IgG8n4JA6D
	% export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_PID=29083

 Connection should be possible now. If not, you may have to edit
/etc/dbus-1/system{-local}.conf and allow connections.

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