Re: is it time for a modernized faq, howto, or just updated site?

On Sat, 31 Jul 2004 13:51:40 -0700, d. Taylor Singletary wrote
> Beagle and Dashboard are such a powerful combination. I really want 
> to see this project off its feet and integrated. I've been learning 
> C# mostly because I've wanted to be able to contribute to this 
> project.
> So far in experimenting with Dashboard and Beagle on a gentoo system:
> Dashboard doesn't all together work. It recieves clue packets from only
> Rhythmbox and Muine as far as I can see, but it doesn't query them
> automatically, just puts them in the query bar.
> Querying dashboard is fun. I like it a lot. For some reason it will
> never query my aim logs though beagle indexes them and I can search them
> with Best. Evolution-data-server and dashboard don't seem to like 
> each other much. I've used cvs versions of both, and the standard 
> breakmygnome distribution. Neither ever communicates with each other 
> succesfully.
> Clue Graphs are finally working (again). This could be expanded on. It'd
> be great if you could click on a (more attractive) box at any stage and
> actually see the xml of the packet.
> Does gaim need a patch to send cluepackets? What about evolution?
> Isn't it perhaps time there was a current page of dashboard? Listing
> it's plans as well as the current state?
> Thanks for the conversation hopefully,
> d. Taylor Singletary,
> reality technician

Hi, i've updated my wiki somewhat.  Ofcourse it won't stay current unless
people add/delete to it.  So feel free:

-- Joe Gasiorek
gasiorek yakko cs wmich edu

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