Re: Getting Started

On 26/04/04 23:17, Stephen Caldwell wrote:

I'd like to contribute with the development of dashboard. However, from
what I can tell it seems that CVS hasn't been update in a while and I
just want to make sure that I'm not reimplementing/re-fixing things. Is
there anything in particular that you guys would like worked on? Or I
can I just pick something and start banging at it? Much Obliged.

I've been thinking the same about CVS etc, although at least there's
been a bit more mailing list traffic lately.

One thing I've been wondering is: what happened to the renderers that
you see in screenshots?  Renderers for things like "related files" and
contacts don't appear to be in CVS at all?

As for areas that should be worked on, I'm not too sure what the general
consensus is.  Though I'm sure there is a lot of potential surrounding
Julian's very nice indexer.  I would be interested in a structure
whereby an indexer could generate matches contextually.  For example, it
would notice that files indexed in ~/.gaim/logs/ are not just any text
files, but have associations with my contacts and should be considered
as an IMLog match.

Personally, I've been very infrequently working on a Mozilla Firefox
frontend, which is functional, but still relatively poor overall as a
result of trying to understand Mozilla extension stuff.  I'd also be
interested in seeing/writing a backend for Thunderbird's address book,
as I'm not an Evolution user!  Additionally, as Thunderbird uses the
same file format as Mozilla history files, a backend for that would then
be a simple step away..


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