Re: Release?

Probabbly we should first get the main backends working.

This includes the GAIM backend which currently isnt compatible with the
new logging format. A patch has been sent in but not yet commited.

I have also started work on a Gossip frontend patch. But due to the lack
of time its going quite slowly.

We could also try to settle upon a standard rendering method so all
backend results wouldnt look different.

These are just some of my thoughts, let me know what you think.


On Fri, 2004-04-09 at 17:41 -0400, Tom von Schwerdtner wrote:

> I realize you have been somewhat busy with the events of the past few
> months, but I have to wonder...  Is a 0.1 going to be rolled anytime
> soon?  Any outstanding issues before it hits the streets?
> Regards,
> Tom
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