Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] dashboard integration

On Sat, 2003-12-06 at 18:59, Mike Rhodes wrote:

> > This looks quite tasty.  But I have some questions.  Potentially, entries 
> > from rhythmbox can grow to be quite large.  For instance, my collection of 
> > Rush songs are about 17 albums and if we guess-timate that we have 9 songs 
> > per album we are talking about 153 entries in the dashboard window.  
> > Imagine 153 songs in that window. :-)
> Maybe in this case show albums rather than individual songs? I agree, 
> scalability could be a problem here.

It does ;) If you look the the dashboard backend path there is commented
out code produces other results. Basically what I came with were the
following possibilities:

* For "album" clues show other songs on this album
* For "artist" clues show other albums by this artist, or other songs by
this artist (Ideally these would be grouped by album, and show in a
tree-view style expandable list but I only started looking at dashboard
(And c#!) yesterday so not sure how feasible that would be
* For "Song title" clues show the albums that contain the song, or other
songs with the same name
* For "Genre" clues show other songs, or albums in this genre

All of the above matches are trivially implemented (In fact some are,
just commented out!) but as you say getting the right information seems
to be the key. I'd also like to be able to interface back the other way
(ie clicking on a found song/album/artist) would jump rhythmbox to
playing the selected item(s)

At least the ball is rolling now ;)


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