Re: Crash on Exit

Hi guys,

The problem with ORB is a bug with ORBit2.  It's fixed in 2.8.3...
I'll add a note to the README about it.


On Sat, 2003-12-06 at 08:03, Ryan P Skadberg wrote:
> Hi ..
>   So, I got dashboard up and running just fine.  It seems to get clue
> packets from Straw correctly.  It even seems to get info from evolution
> 1.4.5 un-patched, is that supposed to work?
>   The biggest problem is that there is no clean way to exit (exit
> button, menu item, etc) and hitting the X to close the application does
> this:
> Stopping server...
> TcpServer.Run () is now exiting...
> ManPages backend loaded 5487 man pages.
> ManPages successfully loaded
> ** ERROR **: Must shutdown ORB from main thread
> aborting...
> And it brings up a bug-buddy crash dialog and a force exit dialog.
> Probably something to fix before releasing this for general use.
> Skadz

Andrew Ruthven
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