README Problems

The README in the current package is all sorts of wrong :)  Also some
other notes that have to do with things in the README.

* The text-indexer.exe program isn't installed anywhere.  It probably
should be, as dashboard could be used by multiple people on the same

* The syntax for text-indexer.exe seems to be wrong.  I get this error:

$ mono text-indexer.exe ~/.dashboard/backend-data/text-index -i `find ~/Work -iname "*.txt"`
usage: text-indexer [-i files_to_index ...] [-u files_to_query_and_index] [-r "text block to query"]

* It mentions the program which is not included in
the package either.

* It mentions a number two directories which don't exist in the package
(patches and docs)

That's what I have found so far.


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