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A couple of bits...

On Fri, 2003-12-05 at 07:09, Nat Friedman wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I am looking to do a tarball release of dashboard this weekend.  Before
> that time, ideally the following things would happen:
>         * Someone will redo the evolution-addressbook backend to use the
>         Evolution 1.5 C# bindings for the addressbook.

How close are Christian Hammond's patches to being accepted into CVS?
It seems to me it might be better to wait for his IM additions to
addressbook.  If they haven't been added yet, anyone who is going to
work on this can grab his patches from:
and check the replies for the actual patch and an updated tarball.
I suggest checking the mailing list archives first just in case he's
posted a newer version.
>         This is probably a half-day project for a motivated person.  The
>         hardest part is probably just building Evolution 1.5.  Mike
>         Kestner's bindings are in the evolution-sharp module in GNOME
>         CVS.

Hell yes!  I still don't have jhbuild building on my machine...
> So this is a public solicitation for volunteers to pick up some of these
> projects.  All of them are small tasks that can be completed in a small
> number of hours.

I need to go back through my patches.  It seems as though one of them
has broken the chaining...  I'll try and do that tomorrow or Sunday.

I've updated the README a bit, may need some more work.

Also, with Mono 0.29 I've found I can't use Squid as an http_proxy...


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