Coaster-devel coaster project and freebsd


It has been widely known now that the coaster project has switched its
backend from libburn to nautilus-burn. To us freebsd users this is
wonderful news as libburn has quite a few portability issues into
freebsd. But the major concern is that this switch is only temporary and
later leaves future versions of coaster rendered useless on any non
Linux platform. I was wondering if you'd taken into consideration this
issue, or if you planned on developing both versions of the application
(unlikely). Such a switch back to libburn puts a great obstacle on the
freebsd gnome desktop platform on freebsd and any other *nix which
successfully ported gnome to its OS. There is already an unofficial port
of coaster for freebsd using nautilus-burn, but the maintainers are
weary of submitting it to the official ports system if in the near
future it will no longer be supported. Can you offer any feedback
regarding this situation? Thanks for your time.


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