RE: chronojump... installing SDK

Hello Mark

On dl, 2006-05-15 at 13:38 +1000, Mark Fisher wrote:
> Hi Xavier,
> I have downloaded the Choron jump for win files.
> The SDK install fails repeatedly on my desktop. I haven't tried on the
> notebook yet.

you are a technician, you should report better the bugs :)

Which is your operating system?

What is the error message?

Did you search on google about that error?

If the only problem is that it seems it stopped installing... or that
the progressbar seems to repeat the same process... only wait, wait,
wait... see if the harddrive is working... the install skd should work.

Windows future is .NET, now it's long to install, but for sure on
Windows Vista will be installed by default. And everyday there will be
more applications using .NET, Microsoft tried to release Windows
Longhorn all running in .NET, but finally it was a huge project and they
release Vista (a "tunned" XP)

Also it will be possible to link chronojump to .net for having only at
executable that allows to run chronojump without installing .net, but
now is early for that.

> How long should the install wait? My hard drive is buzzing away doing
> something, but I am not sure what!!

If your hard drive is doing something, it's installing, just wait

> Cheers
> Mark

I sent copy of this mail to chronojump-list because it's better to talk
there if possible.


> Best regards
> Mark Fisher
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> Lismore, NSW 2480
> Australia
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