Re: Chronopic output data (Juan)

Hi Mark,

  I am sorry for the delay in the answer. Last week I have been to
Holland, and now I have a lot of pending emails :-)

El mié, 01-03-2006 a las 11:00 +1100, Mark Fisher escribió:
> Juan,
> Can you please send me a text output file from Chronopic.
> Xavier suggested I ask you
> I am making my own hardware, with USB and need the data packet protocol.

The protocol is very simple. When there is a change in the state of the
platform, the hardware send an event frame, composed of 5 bytes:

  - The first one is the frame id: 58h (in hex) 
  - The next is the state of the platform: 0 means nobody on the
platform, and 1 means someone is on.
  - The last three bytes are the time the previous state last. For
example, if a person is in the air because he is jumping, the state of
the platform is 0. When that personal touch the platform, the state
changes to 1 and the time the platform was in 0 state is returned.

  The time unit is 8 microseconds. For example, a time equal to 2 means
16 microseconds. The three bytes received can be converted to
miliseconds (ms) using this equation:

  Time(ms) = (frame[2]*65536 + frame[3]*256 + frame[4])*8)/1000;

  Where frame is the array that contains the frame received.

Regards, Juan

Juan González Gómez
juan iearobotics com

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