ANNOUNCE: gnome-pim 1.1.4 released!

While many of the GNOME hackers were enjoying scenic Paris, I put the
finishing touches on yet-another-unstable gnome-pim release- 1.1.4.

Although this is technically an unstable release, we are rapidly
approaching a stable gnome-pim 1.2 release.  Please report any bugs
you observe to the bug-tracker on particularly those
which are serious enough to hold up a stable release.

New this release:

* Another batch of gnome-pilot changes: the gnomecal conduit now
  spawns gnomecal correctly, and now use gnome-pilot 1.0.49 libraries.

* Category support for to-do items.  NOTE: If you try to define two
  categories for the same item, only the last one will get saved.
  This is a known bug, and is being worked on.

* Assorted bug fixes to gnomecal...

IMPORTANT NOTE: as of this release libxml (gnome-xml) is now required
to build gnome-pim (the Pilot conduit capplet needs it).

Availability: /pub/GNOME/unstable/sources/gnome-pim/gnome-pim-1.1.4.tar.gz

RPM's should be available shortly...

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