no time associated with events

Hi everybody,

I use gnomecal quite a bit, and I think everyone has done a great job
putting it together. 

My question is simple--will gnomecal ever have the ability to NOT
associate a time with an event, a la KDE's kalendar program? (if I
remember correctly, kalendar places the non-time-specific events at the
top of the left hand pane)

For example, someone's birthday is a non-time-specific happening. For now
I think all you can do is just say that it's an all-day event. True, but
maybe it could be handled better?

I don't mean to sound demanding, I'm just wondering. Unfortunately, I do
not have the ability to write code, or I'd try it myself. 


Joel A. Koepp <>	University of Minnesota
77 Bedford St. SE, Apt. 2			Department of Geography
Minneapolis, MN 55414-3553			M.A. Program
Tel: 612.378.4812				PGP/GPG keys on req.

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