Re: Using the Gnome Addressbook with netscape?

Stephen Martin wrote:
> Is there anyway to use the address book with netscape? Either by importing
> it into netscape's book, dragging and dropping addresses from the book to
> a netscape mail message or through some other magic? This seems like an
> obvious requirement to me but I can't seem to find any info on it.

I haven't seen anything either, but a export facility would be triviel
to implement as Netscape imports (and exports) LDIF (LDAP Interchange
Format - or somesuch), which is very easy to write and read.

I haven't found any information on what you can drop on the Netscape
messenger (I searched for it a couple of months ago). But people who
actually know something about Motif can most likely tell you more.

Netscape can lookup adresses in LDAP servers, so creating a gnomecard to
LDAP proxy, might also be a possibility. That doesn't need to be all
that hard either, with OpenLDAP you only have to write a couple of
scripts (shell, perl or whetever). But running a LDAP server for this
purpose alone does seem to be overkill (but then overkill is usually


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