Re: Request for comments on UI change (resend)

On Wed, 03 Nov 1999 03:23:19 +0100, Tomas Ogren wrote:

>On 02 November, 1999 - Russell Steinthal sent me these 0.8K bytes:

>> Thanks.  My initial thought appears to be right, though: there's no
>> information about the actual appointments visible in that view.  So
>> even if we code this, I think the Week View as we have it serves a
>> purpose.
>Since we have more screen estate on the computer, we could put a 
>abstract in the rectangle... KOrganizer has this, it's very nice..

Do you perhaps have a screenshot of that? :)

If we do what you're suggesting, it might be helpful to transpose the X axis and the Y axis so that the text read horizontally rather than vertically...


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