Re: Category design issues

>  We still need the information in memory to properly display a number
>  of settings, we do not want to load the config file, say, every time
>  we change the month.
>  So we just load the XML file, convert whatever it contains in the
>  state we keep inside the code, and continue working :-)

We only need to reload the global list of categories:

	1. When the user pops up the event editor.  We want to display
           the list of available categories and the list of categories
           that the event belongs to.

	2. When the user pops up the category editor.

Since the user could have, say, gnomecard and gnomecal running at the
same time, there needs to be a way to warrant exclusive access to the
categories file.  We need a CORBA service for this, I think, as
several applications may want to share the same data for categories.

We may want to have a list of "system" or predefined categories, which
would get installed with the program, and their names would be
localized as appropriate.  The user would not be able to change
these; he would only be able to modify his per-user categories.


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