Re: Category design issues

On Tue, 1 Jun 1999, Russell Steinthal wrote:

> I prefer the second method, since it's intuitive and
> easy to extend for new per-category properties.  The
> downside, of course, is that it uses an entire config
> file just for categories.

i also prefer this method. given that many users will
probably define more than 2 or 3 custom categories, a single
file would quickly become unwieldy.

do you plan to provide a default set of categories?

> Finally, there's the question of where the category
> editor should go in the UI... As a menu-item under
> Settings?  As a page in the properties box?  Somewhere
> else?

my preference would be a Settings menu item.

> Anyway, that's what I'm working on... Comments,
> particularly from those whose code I'm hacking on, are
> welcome.

ive been using gnomecal for a couple months now, and my main
(immediate) beef is that there's no status support. ideally
i could generate a list of events and todos with a
particular status, and i could filter the views based on
status. currently when i complete a todo item i have to
delete it so that its not cluttering my todo list; id prefer
to mark it completed, removing it from the view but not from
the calendar store.

to that end, and in order to become comfortable hacking in
the gnome environment in general, im willing to work on
supporting statuses in whatever ways are desired. for the
time being, id like to concentrate on the todo list, since
thats my first area of concern and it seems like a lot of
work is being done in there. for instance, i see an
opportunity for integration between % complete and status.

ive never really done any gnome or gtk hacking before so it
may take me a bit of time to come up to speed with the
environment and with terminology. to whom should i send

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