Re: Proposed patch to the End of Recurrence problem

On Wed, 29 Dec 1999, Russell Steinthal wrote:

> > Am I in the wrong rfc ?
> Yeah. :)

I just felt something was wrong, or gnomecal was really bending the specs.

> So that you know, in my local source tree, I have added a field
> date_only to iCalObject as a boolean to indicate whether the file
> stored only a date (rather than a date-time); I needed that for a
> correct implementation of iCalendar, but if we correctly set the
> variable in the vCalendar parser as well, that would solve this
> problem, wouldn't it?  (Assuming the recurrence generator had the
> right semantics for it...)

I don't know. I understand the above as, the calendar object having a
marker saying that all fields are date related and not time. That looks
fine for all-day/notime events, but the problem is also related
timespecific events.

I think the current patch, except for being not-pretty is the most correct
way. If you choose an event to end on 24/12, it ends when 25/12 begins.
> (It also means that we can easily and correctly implement things like
> daily reminders or holidays, without needing to fix a time for them.  
> We'll need to work on the UI for it, but I'd like to display them
> "out-of-time", perhaps in a small frame between the todo list and the
> mini-calendar?)

Now that would be a good thing. Another gui thing that would be cool, was
to have the minical and todo (and the daily-reminder when there) present
in all four views. Eg. in year view, clicking a day would pop up the
appropriate todos etc, and you could change year.

In general, there are quite a few annoyances in gnomecal's yearview, or
mayby I'm just being illogical.


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