Re: Testing

On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> "Calendar" is the abstraction.  
> "calendar_load_from_file" is a factory routine that
> generates Calendars.

its an abstraction with a public filename attribute, that is
meaningless for any storage mechanism other than a local

if you look at my initial proposal, i suggested that
Calendar only contain client-side data, so that it can be
more simply related to service objects. the existing
Calendar isn't usable in that regard.

> Calendar is not finished, but it is trivial to add
> network based transports, and definetly the job is
> simpler than using any camel-based setups.

for one or two transports. then you're losing effort because
each transport duplicates code inside the calendar class.
you're losing precision of the abstraction because the
interface necessarily has to contain attributes for each of
the transports that may only be useful to that transport.
you're sacrificing managability for a quick gain.

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