Re: Testing

On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, Russell Steinthal wrote:

> So I'm with Miguel and Bertrand on this one: let Camel
> handle messaging, libversit and libical handle
> calendaring, and simply make sure that gnomecal contains
> the requisite interfaces to allow any calendar provider
> (such as the libical-based parser I'm writing or
> gnomecal's current libversit-based parser) to access
> gnomecal's central storage abstraction.

which storage abstraction is that?
calendar_load_from_file()? not much of an abstraction.

a storage abstraction is what im shooting for. one with
pluggable implementations. which is exactly what camel
does. you're all getting caught up in the fact that camel
and javamail and all the other apis that look just like this
one got built for mail first. that doesnt mean their
responsibilities cant be expanded.

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