1.1.1 partly broken


At least the pilot stuff if broken. The .desktop files are missing, but
more odd/severe is the static linking. Also a .h files was missing from a
_SOURCES directive.

I can compile eg. the calendar conduit if I run configure with
--disable-static. I have no such problem with the CVS version.

I've committed changes that lets it pass make distcheck (at least here).
Please check my changes to toplevel configure.in and Makefile.am.
Basically, I've removed intl from SUBDIRS and use AM_GNOME_GETTEXT as
opposed to AM_GNU_GETTEXT, and bonged the version to 1.1.2 (as the
released tar had 1.1.1 as version).

If they seem ok, I'll release the .tar.gz into unstable during monday,
also try to RPM it for the masses.


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