GNOME: Pilot, Calendar Addressbook syncing packages.

Hello guys,

   Lots of work from the various GNOME hackers.  

   You can now get the development versions of gnome-pim (the GNOME
personal information manager) and gnome-pilot (the GNOME Pilot
syncronization) packages to get your Palm Pilot synced with your

* Availability:

* Compilation

   You need to install and compile GNOME Pilot first if you want Pilot
support in GnomeCal.

* GNOME Pilot

   GNOME Pilot provides a generic interface for talking to the Palm
Pilot and launching conduits on demand.  The framework enables users
to create their own conduit applications for syncing data with the

   You can find more information about this package at

   Conduits for syncing the basic Calendars, Addressbook, TODOs and
Expenses are provided.  Some other conduits are included for various
other programs.  Check the web page for detailed information.

   Wait for Eskil to make the formal announcemnt with all the details.


   The new development version has various features over the regular

	* Enhanced TODO display (Clifford).

	* TODOs support due time (Clifford).

	* New syncing conduits (Eskil, Peter, me)

	* Snooze capabilities (Russell)

	* Alarms can time out, to avoid annoying co-workers (Russell).

	* Alarms defaults can be configured (Russell).

	* Now we expose a CORBA interface to the calendar (Eskil, me).

Enjoy, and let us know of any problems you might find.

The free software hackers at the GNOME team.

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