Gnome buildbot

Hi all,

the build brigade group ( has
announced the Gnome Buildbot deployment at FOSDEM. You can check it out

It is currently building Gnome on a Debian Sid, but we're already
working on adding builds on Fedora Core too.

Some interesting features are:
   * Continuous builds of the Gnome modules using jhbuild.
   * List of modules that build successfully and modules that fail to
build properly.
   * Access to the build logs to detect the causes of build failures.
   * Execution of test suites through “make check”.
   * Integration of autotools tests and Check unit tests.
   * HTML report with a summary of the tests (autotools) and unit tests
(Check) executed.
   * Tests code coverage reports using gcov.

The main ideas behind this Gnome buildbot are:
   * Provide a reference of the current status of the Gnome build.
   * Provide feedback on build failures, so project maintainers can fix
build problems sooner.
   * Ease the build of Gnome.

Hope you use it extensively and give feedback to improve it, hopefully
it'll make building Gnome easier for everyone. If you are interested,
have any questions, etc... please join us at the build-brigade mailing
list and IRC channel (#build-brigade at GimpNet) and let us know.

Enjoy it!


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