Re: Setting up a slave

Hi Pascal,

On Sat, 2007-07-21 at 12:35 +0200, Pascal Terjan wrote:
> Hello,
> Yesterday I spent a few hours (most of the time waiting for the
> network to be back :) ) trying to setup a build slave on one of my
> home computer.

That's great

> It is an almost idle amd64 X2 with pacifica where I could run several
> xen guests (I'd like to have Mandriva Cooker (development version) and
> latest stable at least).
> After I found
> (which is not easy to find starting on
> it was quite straightforward .

Yeah, actually I have in mind to review the whole structure of that wiki
page, but it is still in The ToDio list, but thanks for pointing this

> I'm now at point "15. Copy the buildslave.list file to the <gnome>
> directory." which says "This file must be provided by the master
> administrator." so I need to contact this guy !
> I will also need him for the point 16 (host and passwd)

At this moment we cannot really attach new slaves because we are still
trying to get some ports open in the firewall for external slaves.
That's why the debian slave is offline at this moment.

However, you can attach your slave to my development environment here:

This way we can verify that your setup is ok prior to attach it to the
production master.

I'll send you a buildslave.list as well as host and passwd for this

Thanks for your help!


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