improving lcov reports


I just looked at this coverage report:

imho lcov has a bug to include other sources/include in the report, but I've got
a workaround from the lcov developers

I wonder if and where we can use this for
here is how I filter the lcov output (lcov --extract)

	mkdir -p ./coverage
	lcov --directory . --zerocounters
	-$(MAKE) check
	lcov --directory ./src --capture --output-file ./coverage/$(PACKAGE)
	lcov --extract ./coverage/$(PACKAGE) "$(PWD)/src*" -o
	$(RM) ./coverage/$(PACKAGE)
	genhtml -o ./coverage --num-spaces 2 ./coverage/$(PACKAGE).info

I need to check if $(PWD) works in all cases. I can't use $(top_srcdir) as this
is relative.


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