IRC meeting proposal

Hi all,

I'd like to have an IRC meeting at #build-brigade channel to know the
state of some of the items we are currently working on and talk about
future work.

The date and time would be the 20th of November 16:00 UTC (17:00 in
Spain if I'm not wrong). Of course, all people interested are welcome.

------------------- AGENDA  ----------------------

1. State of gnome buildbot development.
  - Demo
    - Gtk+ and dependencies integration loop [1]
    - Gtk+ module details [2]
    - Gtk+ module test results [3]
    - Gtk+ module tests code coverage [4]
  - Current features [5]
  - Missing features
    - Merge RSS patches that had raised recently (it should make RSS
support better).
    - Support for testing patches.
  - Features that need some enhacement
    - View/CSS
  - Who will work on this?

2. Machines for gnome buildbot deployment.
    - When?
    - Who can manage this?
    - Who will prepare and test the deployment?

3. Integration of tests into buildbot view. [6]

4. Gtk+ unit tests [7]


Feel free to suggest more topics in case you think they are interesting.



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