Re: Launching a full graphical GNOME CVS session

Hello Luis,

check the user that is running gdm on your machine:

ps aux | grep gdm

probably it is the root user and not the user liberforce. In that case
you can either add that path to the PATH env variable of the root user
or put the absolute path to jhbuild in the gdm session script:

exec /home/liberforce/bin/jhbuild run gnome-session

Hope this helps,


El jue, 07-12-2006 a las 00:56 +0100, Luis Menina escribió:
> Hi everyone !
> I'm trying to launch a graphical GNOME CVS session using jhbuild
> following these instructions:
> I'm doing this to update the jhbuild instructions part of that tutorial.
> I talked to Elijah about this at last GUADEC. My current (ongoing)
> version is
> However, I just can't launch the session using Elijah's instructions.
> The "exec jhbuild run gnome-session" will just not find jhbuild, and I
> get this error message:
> /etc/X11/gdm/PreSession/Default: Registering your session with wtmp and utmp
> /etc/X11/gdm/PreSession/Default: running: /usr/bin/sessreg -a -w 
> /var/log/wtmp -u /var/run/utmp -x "/var/lib/gdm/:0.Xservers" -h "" -l 
> ":0" "liberforce"
> /etc/X11/gdm/Xsession: Beginning session setup...
> /etc/X11/gdm/Xsession: Setup done, will execute: 
> /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/GNOME-CVS
> /etc/X11/gdm/Sessions/GNOME-CVS: line 2: exec: jhbuild: not found
> Jhbuild is not found, but it is in my PATH:
> [liberforce sysresccd ~]$ echo $PATH
> /home/liberforce/bin:/usr/lib/ccache/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/X11R6/bin:/usr/games
> [liberforce sysresccd ~]$ which jhbuild
> /home/liberforce/bin/jhbuild
> So I may be stupid, but what can I do to have gdm know my jhbuild ?
> Thanks for your help, it will help me to update the guide.
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