Going for a gtkvts demo for gtk+ guys

El mié, 02-08-2006 a las 16:24 +0300, Fernando Herrera escribió:
> Maybe we should just show what we have. It would be easier for GTK+
> people to give feedback if we show in an "easy way" these tests. We can
> for example do a quick hack to integrate the a gtkvts check version onto
> an installation of jhautobuild or thinderbox, with the nice green/red
> results.

Hi all, 

once back from vacation, I would like to continue working on Fer's
proposal. I would like to provide a demo in September so we do not delay
this too much, so, due to the time constraints, I'm wondering which
would be the best tool for this purpose.

Thinking on using buildbot for this demo, Thomas, it would be nice if
you can provide a roadmap with the buildbot features that still need to
be developed/fixed in order to get a nice demo. Once we have the
roadmap, we can check if it is better to work first on buildbot features
or to try pushing the demo using a finished tool like Tinderbox in the
first place while the buildbot development is still on going. If you can
devote time to work on the development of the required buildbot
features, someone from Igalia (maybe 1-2 people) could help you with the
develoment if it makes sense.



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