Re: GTK+ unit testing

El mié, 02-08-2006 a las 17:28 +0200, Frederic Peters escribió:
> Fernando Herrera wrote:
> > Maybe we should just show what we have. It would be easier for GTK+
> > people to give feedback if we show in an "easy way" these tests. We can
> > for example do a quick hack to integrate the a gtkvts check version onto
> > an installation of jhautobuild or thinderbox, with the nice green/red
> > results.
> I am all for it; would you mind sending instructions on how to get and
> run the tests ?  I'll get them send results to jhautobuild.

Great Frederic!, 

you can find instructions below, but first, some important comments
about some integration issues:

-These tests take a *lot lot lot* of execution time -> this might be a
problem. Maybe we should consider filtering some of them, or something
to make them a bit less painful. I'll post something about this later

- Some tests seem to hang (I needed to send a Crtl+C to stop them
manually) -> this *is* a problem, at least using TET (Check provides
timeout support).

- You need an X server up and running (GTK+ requisiton).

- If we want to use Check as testing framework instead of TET (as Fer
suggests) it will take some more time. I know Fer has already done some
work on this but I do not know exactly its current state. Anyway, I'll
send what should be done to achive this in a later post.


These are the instructions for gtkvts using TET as testing framework,
which is the project I have tried:

1. Download TET3-lite (the testing framework) from here:

2. Checkout GTKVTS from gnome cvs (do it inside TET3 root directory):
cvs -d :pserver:anonymous anoncvs gnome org:/cvs/gnome co gtkvts

3. Follow instructions in gtkvts/README file.

Some tips:

- I needed to configure gtkvts with --with-no-hdr-tests=TRUE, otherwise
it complains about an empty directory.

- I needed to fix a memory allocation problem inside the tests generator

# cvs diff func_tests_gen.c
Index: func_tests_gen.c
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/gtkvts/src/tools/testgen/func_tests_gen.c,v
retrieving revision 1.35
diff -r1.35 func_tests_gen.c
<     temp = (char*) calloc (strlen(ignore_list), sizeof(char));
>     temp = (char*) calloc (strlen(ignore_list) + 1, sizeof(char));


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